your life beautifully

one task at a time


can be hectic

order brings you inner peace


remove the noise

you can get it done


easy to use

your lists, anywhere on anything


clean and elegant

a real pleasure to use

Pick up groceries
Get the kids from school
Bring flash drive to work tomorrow
Do homework at 5PM
Get flowers for Mother's Day
Send thank you note to aunt
Buy milk
Return DVDs to store
Remind Mark to update DNS records
Buy new camera on Saturday
Launch new app
Test bugs in application
Refactor JavaScript code
Cancel meeting with Steven
Call Jim about the project
Book vacation tomorrow
Watch: goo.gl/ySPbyX
Big project due January 1st.. Don't forget!
Call Bonify about website 603 852-3709

The Ultimate in Simplicity

Prioritize your day
with the 1-3-5 Method

The 1-3-5 rule makes it easy to prioritize your day. Choose 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things to accomplish.

Create and Manage
Any Type of List

Create any type of new list you want, or use the 1-3-5 list template and follow the 1-3-5 rule. It's up to you. Create your own headings and rearrange tasks as you need to. They're your lists. Work and prioritize the way you want.

Work Anywhere on Any Device

There's no App to download. 135 List works on any device, right in your browser. Go ahead and be productive, we've got you covered no matter where you're working. 

Android, iPhone, tablets, Mac, Windows and Linux are all supported.

You can even add 135 List to your phone's homescreen to use like any other app, or install the Google Chrome extension to use when visiting any other website!

As Seen In...

Original concept from A Better To-Do List: The 1-3-5 Rule

135 Premium.
More Of What You Love.

- unlimited tasks and lists
- archive completed tasks and view them later
- choose from 7 different custom themes
- collaborate with others by sharing your lists

What People Are Saying

"135 List has helped our organization stay focused and productive. We use it everyday, and it's actually the foundation of our daily stand-up meetings."

Steve Messa, COO VidFall

“An example of beauty in simplicity, 1-3-5 encourages you to get things done by setting these few, simple goals for the day.”

Jeanette LeBlanc - Infusionsoft

“Although there are a plethora of apps and services to help you get organized, one of the best we've come across is the 1-3-5 list system.”

Elisha Hartwig - Mashable

“...you get caught up in less important tasks, and before you know it, the day’s over. I’ll be implementing the 1-3-5 rule from now on.”

Angela Booth

“This rule has honestly changed my day to day productivity.”


“I love this site so much and I recommend it to my students who struggle with organization.”


“I love this app. It's my homepage for chrome.”